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The Tale of the Greenhouse

The Tale of the Greenhouse is a peaceful simulation game with a story revolving around your sister that has fallen ill, and it is your responsibility to save her. 

There is plenty of room to grow the magical Sandrap flower in your late parent's old greenhouse. You have to manage your economy and space, upgrade the greenhouse, and collect mana. Once you have enough mana, you can infuse it into a magical knife said to cure any disease...

This game is a school project developed by 1st year Swedish higher vocational education students in seven weeks. And winner as "Game of the Year" at Swedish Game Awards 2021. 

Theme & Vision

Our vision throughout the game is to give the player the feeling of progression and success, as well as letting the player know they have created something good from nothing. By starting from zero, doing some honest work and in the end, save the life of a loved one. 

We want the player to enjoy the journey and progression made possible by their own hard work. 


Move around using WASD.

Pick up and place items with Left-Click.

Use tools / interact with Right-Click


We go by the name of Magmaplant Studios!


  • Julia Ahlberg
  • Mark Sinistaj
  • Theresa Andersson


  • Louise Buller
  • Robin Bono
  • Robin Lindevy


  • Louise Buller

In-game Music

  • Hugo Svedstam


The Tale of the Greenhouse 1.03.zip 84 MB
The Tale of the Greenhouse 1.03 Mac.zip 85 MB
The Tale of the Greenhouse 1.03 Linux.zip 87 MB

Development log


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This game is if those mobile games advertisement is actually legit.  I'm joking.  This game is actually quite good and I like it

Great game but pls add a save option i keep haven to start over


Couldn't open this on Mac? Is there an application needed to open or is it unplayable for the latest versions of Mac?


I found this little gem of a game on itch looking for games with plants and cats in them and the fantasy graphics were what drew me in.  The sheer cuteness and beauty of it all toke my breath away.  I loved the music and the ability to grow magical plants in a greenhouse that simply changed as time went on.  

The sad parts though?  

I would have liked to see more of this magical and wonderous greenhouse, have a backstory of what kind of creature you were, the ability to grow more plants, do more things, have a toolbelt, interact with magical 2 tailed cat, have visitors maybe even a romance and of course the ability to see the sky and weather around me would have made this game more immersive.  There is so much you could do with this game.  Also I would have liked to see your characters outfits change and at least draw her eyes green to match the cover of the game as those cold black eyes in game were creepy!  

The beautiful artwork was a treat and you're all very talented and I can't wait to see what you can do with more time!  I will be watching for more from your studio of creators. :)


You are a Gem too!

Thank you for playing our game and giving such nice and deep feedback here and in your video. 

There is an unwritten backstory that is very shallow that we had in our design document. In The Tale of the Greenhouse, the world is taking place in hell, but this hell is full of greenery and is more like a jungle. It is the hell vibe our name "Magmaplant" Studios comes from where a magma plant could maybe be something that could be found in this world! All creatures are our own hell fantasy creatures.

Kind regards!


I am sad to say I will disagree with you on this one as a published writer of fantasy and fairy childrens books, I would never associate hell with my imaginative and whimsical creatures.  Your characters have love, care and compassion and there is life abundant in your game.

I would associate your creations with the Fey as there is a saying that no life can grow in hell as it's too hot, and there is especially no love, kindness or compassion in hell either that your gentle characters reveal.  

I can only hope that I can cause you to ponder my words.  It's never wise to make evil good and good evil in life and in creations.


Water, Buy, Sleep, Repeat and petting the two-tailed cat :3 I played it live on twitch in german: Tale of Greenhouse - German Stream

I hope to see more from Magmaplant Studios in future! <3


Yey, I watch the stream! So happy you played it and wanted to share it on twitch and with us.

The majority of us are actually working on a new title right now but I can't tell you more now, but soon you can see what we are brewing  :3c

// Louise


It's too good for student project.


Thank you IndieJunkie! We are taking that as a very good compliment. Awesome that you wanted to play and record our game!

// Louise


The Tale of the Greenhouse is probably the coziest game I've played in recent times. The artwork, visual effects, music, and general atmosphere the game gives off all come together and provide a really relaxing gaming experience. This is the perfect game if you're wanting to just unwind, sip some coffee, and relax. There were multiple times where I caught myself wishing I was actually there in the greenhouse, sitting on the sofa and petting the cat.

Unfortunately the rest of the game doesn't get quite as high praise from me. At its core the game is tedious and kind of boring. There's a lot of grab this tool, walk to this plant, trim it, walk back, put the tool down, walk to the sell basket, nod it again, then water all the plants, and then finally sleep and wake up 2 seconds later to do it all again. It quickly devolves into a game of how quickly can I do all the things to progress forward. And if  I'm honest, quick isn't the vibe this game gives off. Visually, auditorily, and atmospherically this game is telling you to stop and smell the roses, but mechanic wise it's telling you to speedrun.

I think some of the tedium and problems the game has could be eased a bit with a few additions: a tool belt, a satchel, and a growth timer. A tool belt to hold the shears, watering can, and manacatcher - frankly this would be huge because it would mean less back and forth. Accompanied by a satchel to hold plant trimmings. With just these two I think the game would feel a lot less like a walk back and forth simulator. Lastly, a growth timer to plants so that they grow 2-3 phases in a single day. This means we could trim plants a handful of times a day, and then at the end of the day sell off our haul of trimmings. It keeps us going as plants grow, and we have opportunities to stop and vibe with the game as we wait for our plants to grow. A final minor thought - compost having a use would be great too! Plants grow quicker, or produce more mana when fertilized. These changes would probably require a rebalance of the economy and progression, but I think they'd help make the game feel more enjoyable.

Do I think The Tale of the Greenhouse scratches the itch? Unfortunately no. The gameplay loop of running back and forth is simply too unfun for me to recommend the game. If you're able to slow your roll, and not play the game as efficiently as possible it might be worth checking out. The art, audio, and atmosphere this game has captured is worth praising and applauding. I want you guys to know you did an absolutely stellar job here and there was never a moment where I was bored visually. I know this was a 7 week project so it wasn't going to be perfect, but what I've seen so far has me looking forward to what the future has in store for Magmaplant Studios.

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Hi seelroy, thank you so much for playing our Game! Thank you for taking time out of your day to not only make a video but also to give us such amazing feedback! 

Many of the design-choices you mentioned (the toolbelt and compost having more of a purpose amongst others) were actually discussed during the development faze but removed as we prioritized the polishing off what was already created before adding more content we were not sure we would be able to finish before the deadline.

Either way, we are so thankful for your feedback and will be sure to have it in mind as we all further progress in our Game Development journeys!

Best Regards, 



It was a really relaxing game. Most of times I even forgot that I was trying to save my sister and just chilled lol

Even having some trouble in picking up/putting down some items in some occasions, especially the gardening shears; I think it was really enjoyable for a short game.  Good job for everyone of you guys.

Hi Bakidasu! Thank you for playing the game and thank you for your feedback.
If we have time in the future we make sure to check if we can solve that trouble with the shears ^_^

Warm Greetings


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I found your game and I posted your link here. Seems people like it 


Thank you delenn13 for posting about our game! It means a lot.
It was a fun reading ^_^

// Louise & Bono


Beautiful game!
Both peaceful and engaging. Little trouble with "click detection" on stacked items, but nothing that kept me from enjoying the experience.

Thank you Zubaran for playing The Tale of the Greenhouse! 

We’re so glad you enjoyed the experience, and thank you for the feedback! We’ll be sure to remember it as we progress further into our game development journeys!



It was such a lovely and peaceful game! I took me a bit more time to figure out how to progress quicker (hopefully the sister didn't mind the two+ months haha) and would've loved to plant more.

I must say, the graphics were definitely my cup of tea, I loved it!


Thank you Fincheiu for playing our game! 

We spent a lot of time working on the feeling of the game so hearing your words really means a lot <3.  

//Lindevy, Louise & Theresa

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A relaxing beautiful looking gardening game.

The demo are too long, but that's fine. The instruction/tutorial to do things was also a bit confusing.

The walking speed was too slow, time going too fast, have to going back and forth picking and putting item/tools in table giving player not enough time do things properly.

A nice addition is to add a  basket so people can pick more than flower one at a time.

Once you water the flowers there's almost nothing else to do until the flower grows but sleep until the flowers grow.

Other than that it is visually pleasing and sounds lovely, and note this is still a seven weeks project and there's so much thing to do so it's okay to have mistake. Good luck on your school project.

Thank you for playing our game Terrorose! 

We really appreciate all your feedback and will be sure to take them with us as we continue our journeys in game development!

When we developed The Tale of the Greenhouse, we didn't think of it as a demo. More like a short, but complete game. For many of us, this is the first game we have ever developed.

//Lindevy, Louise & Theresa



-bag you can store clippings in without having to put down the clippers then place the clipping then pick up the clippers to do the next plant. 

-make it more obvious you can put the jar on top of the cube thing, that took me ages to figure out and I could have had another pot in the mean time. 

-most games are more fun when there's a failure condition like a time limit to saving her. 

For more things to do/more realism you could:

-make it so the watering can isn't infinite and you have to refill it. 

-item durability, things could break and need replacing. 


-more work to look after the plants, bugs, and disease repellants. 

Maybe a research tree: things like fertilizer to increase the speed of growth or quality of the plant, ways to process the flowers or cuttings into a potion or hand cream or something that sells for more or helps with your plant cultivation. 

More story? Stuff to do after saving your sister, maybe repair the greenhouse, maybe people to talk to that offer help when sister is still ill, 


Thank you for your input mavicah! You bring up a lot of good points that we would love to implement. 

Sadly we didn't have enough time before our deadline. If we sometime continue development, we'll be sure to consider your suggestions!


Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you diyanysus! We wish that too, but sadly we did not have time to implement that yet.

You have made the first video of our game what I know of so far. Special thanks for that! 


Deleted 2 years ago