A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Lost Skywhales lets you engage in a beautiful world, solve interesting puzzles and meet the creatures of the sky.

Every few years, a talented witch is tasked with guiding the Skywhales on their way home. The ancient light towers guiding the whales have dimmed and it is up to you to restore the guiding beacons.

This game is a school project developed in seven weeks by Game students in Sweden.

Runestones on the islands will give tips and helpful advice.

WASD - Movement

Shift - Sprint

Spacebar - Jump

Left mouse button - Hold object

Left mouse button release - Drop object

Scroll mouse wheel - Move held object

Right mouse button click - Lock held object

Escape / P - Game menu

N - Fps counter

-Magmaplant Studios-


Jennifer Lewin

Julia Ahlberg

Malva Malmgren

Tawan Hjulgren 

Theresa Andersson


Carl Erlandsson

Louise Buller

Robin Bono

Robin Lindevy

Art Director: Julia Ahlberg

Project Lead: Louise Buller

Sound Effects: Robin Bono, Tawan Hjulgren

Music: Sleepy Cat by Alejandro Magaña

Special thanks to our teachers, classmates and friends who playtested and helped us complete this game!


TheLostSkywhales-1.0_WIN.zip 444 MB
TheLostSkywhales-1.0_Linux.zip 467 MB
TheLostSkywhales-1.0_Mac.app.zip 453 MB


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Fun game with really nice visuals. I have one problem though: you can lock yourself in the caves if you move the stone from the pressure plate.


It looks really good. I have downloaded the windows game and will give you another comment when I've played it a bit :)