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*!* This is a work in progress, not the full game *!*

Welcome aboard Captain.

As Captain of the trade vessel - HTV Galloway, you must manage your new crew and ship. Visit spaceports for repairs you need, refuel and find a new contract to take on. Need a new crewmember because one of them died in an onboard accident? This is where you do it.

Take to the stars, your new contract will guide you. Avoid the many dangers of space and safely make it to the next spaceport.

Good luck Captain, you are going to need it!


How to play

When starting the game, you will have the opportunity to log in via the ship's system. It will then recognize you as its correct owner, or captain and you will be able to correctly dock into the spaceport. 



After arriving at the spaceport you will have the opportunity to choose between 3 missions, which each have different requirements. Make sure you meet these since you cannot accept, or depart without them.

When accepting the mission, you get the option to depart on your journey. Therefore,  have accepted all the challenges that might be thrown at you. 

Make sure you're ready!


Ship View

As the captain of your spaceship, manage your crewmates to make sure that you get to your destination. It is not unusual to encounter different hazards in space, and while your ship is fully functional, it is not top-notch.

Make sure you eliminate any errors, or fires that might turn up by telling your crew to handle them. While everyone can help, there are special occupations that your crewmates might have which will aid in reparation.

In the Reactor tab, there is a way to change the velocity of your travels, but be aware! this does not mean that your travels will be easier. There is a high risk that you will have to deal with too much at the same time. Use this feature sparingly.

Make your way to the next starport, and continue making money.



The shipsystem consists of 7 parts.

Reactor, Mainframe, Lifesupport, Medbay, Cargohold, Bridge and  Main-Battery.

Most of the systems have a relationship and require each other to function properly.







● RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON: Context menu.

● NUMBER 1-3: Select between the crewmembers.

● ESC: → Options



This game was created by students as a learning project, under Yrgo for 7 weeks.

BakaRecca - programmer

DreamingJohnny - programmer

Tzaa - programmer

Hultén - game artist

Palefires - game artist

Excalis - game artist

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsYrgo_Game_Creator, Palefires, BakaRecca, Excalis, DreamingJohnny, tzaa
GenreStrategy, Simulation
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Space, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


TheBrink-1.0.1-ReleaseBuild.zip 109 MB
TheBrink-1.0.1-ReleaseBuild-Mac.zip 111 MB


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Amazing game! I was looking for something exactly like this for the past week, browse around today, and this shows up. Goodbye a few hours of my day haha. Super good work, hope there's more to come!

I´m glad you liked it, there is a lot more to come. Right now we´re working on implementing most of the system-controls and doors.

Excellent premise; life on a tramp freighter!  If a work in progress, I'd love to see this further developed.  Most tramp trader games focus on a single pilot buying and selling.  You have taken the idea further; adding crew, ship management, and missions... as well as the traditional  travel, explore, and trade.   This has potential for becoming a classic in the genera as it parallels classic table-top rpg games and science-fiction novels regarding tramp traders.  Nice work.  I'm following... like I said; if not finished, do.  I'll put down money.

Hey Dsimpkins1! Thanks for trying out our first build and all the nice words. It really motivates us even more to finish this game and make it really great. Stay tuned for updates, we will try and push them out fairly regular. If you have any ideas or feedback feel free to send me a message.