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Super Bubble Boy is a hardcore 2D-platformer based on timing and precision where you play as a bubble fighting against the currents.

Follow Bubble Boy on his desperate quest to get his ex-girlfriend to take him back while surviving his way through a hostile aquarium environment. Time your moves, dash, bounce and hook up with other bubbles on the rebound in order to survive.

Because you know, everything is fair when it comes to true love, right?

Made as a first-year project at the Game Programing-program at YRGO.


  • Innovative and refined puzzle-platforming mechanics.
  • Unique minimalist artstyle.
  • A darkly humorous allegorical tale told through mechanics and environment.
  • Collectibles and Time Trials that offers hours of replayability.


  • A-D/ Left Analogue-stick Right-Left : Move right and left.
  • S/Left Analogue-stick Down: Slow down momentum.
  • SPACE-bar/ A-button: Dash.
  • E-key/X-button: Hook up with nearby bubble.
  • O: Achievement-list.
  • L: Leaderboard.
  • Esc: Menu.

Install instructions

Unzip and run.


SuperBubbleBoy.zip 32 MB

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