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Slemmings is the fast pased VR puzzle game where you guide your tiny slimy blobs through multiple thought provoking levels. Use several tools at hand such as digging, bridge building, the power of explosions and more to victoriusly overcome any challange set before you!

⦁ 8 levels that test your problem solving skills and your reaction time.
⦁ 4 tools at your disposal including dig, move, bridge builder and extreme explosions with bombs to complete any challange.
⦁ A full VR experience that allows you to fully interact with your surroundings.
⦁ Just download, unzip and play!



Niklas Lingsell
Pablo Sorribes Bernhard
Rikard Andersson
Simon Holmlund
Leroy Cortnex


Pablo Sorribes Bernhard
Anders Hofsten
Therese Larsson

Graphics, UI & UX:

Daniel Ygrelius
Peter Ihm
Emil Gradén

Special Thanks:

Robert Esbjörnsson
Richard (Lärarn)
Filip Andersson (aka fillefilip8)


Slemmings.zip 61 MB


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Looks great fun :) I sadly don't have a VR set