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Make toys and play with them in Santa´s Workshop.
Interact in different ways with every toy.

Made for Oculus Quest 2 (android).

We recommend creating a boundary of at least 1.5 x 1.5 meters to play the game!!  You will need to move a little bit around in this game with your headset on. 


  • Use the GRIP button to grab objects within reach.
  • Walk around in your boundary area to move around in the game.
  • Toys:
    • Pistol: Trigger button          -->> Shot when grabbing the pistol
    •  Car: while holding its control with either hand

      • TRIGGER button            -->> Accelerate/Reverse
      • LEFT STICK                       -->> Steer
    • Helicopter: while holding its control with either hand
      • TRIGGER button            -->> Fly/Hover 
      • LEFT STICK                       -->> Rotate, Tilt nose
    • Pastime Lad: while holding it
      • LEFT STICK (left-right)         -->> Move  
      • A button (right controller)  -->> Jump
    • LightSaber: while holding it
      • TRIGGER button (hold)         -->>  Activate

Jo jo joooooo!!! Have a good time little one!!! Jo jo joooooo!!!



Madeleine Åkerstöm
Sofia Lennhager
Vilma Gustafsson


Furkan Cirik
Luis Gómez Vecchio
Pontus Törn
William Ullholm


SantasWorkshop.apk 136 MB

Install instructions

Install the .apk file on your oculus quest.

The game will be shown in your library under "Unknown Sources"

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