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Runemage is a VR game about a mage apprentice traveling to the astral plane to train their magical abilities.

Create spells by drawing fire or ice runes in the space around you. Learn to master your abilities and if you get strong enough you might defeat the creatures of the astral plane.

The game is developed to be experienced in VR. Become a Runemage. Feel how the magic flows within you and feel like the powerful mage you deserve to be.

Right now we can confirm that HTC Vive works. Please leave a comment if you get it to work with any other VR headset!


  1. Download and unpack the game
  2. Start SteamVR on your computer
  3. Start the Runemage.exe file
  4. Draw runes to create spells
  5. Press the stone button on the Summon Stone
  6. Defeat the enemies by throwing spells at them.


Trigger - Draw, Grab & Buttons
Grip Button - Grab



Joakim Stenmark (JoakimStenmark)

Johan Ahlsten (DreamingJohnny)

Louise Buller (Weird Little Games)

Robin Bono (SlooperNine)

Graphical Assets

Axelina Holmberg Berg (ArtStation)

Frida Karlsson (ArtStation)

Kimberly Ge (ArtStation)


Runemage 1.0.zip 236 MB


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hello, I really like your game except that to make the ball of fire it's hard: D