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A combat racing tower offence game where you drive your goblin war machine buggy around a fantasy world trying to take down the human's castle by firing your machine gun and rockets at it. Run over knights to refill your health and ammo, drift to refill your boost-meter and blow up defensive towers to keep their defenses down.

If the castle reaches the portal in the sky, you will lose, so make sure to destroy the magic shield generators to have the castle crash back down which will also deal a bit of damage to it. You will also lose if your car takes too much damage. You win the game by depleting the castle's hit points to zero.

All music by Gadjos.


W - Accelerate

S - Decelerate

A - Turn Left

Turn Right

Left Shift -  Boost

Space Bar - Drift

Left Mouse Button - Fire Machine Gun

Right Mouse Button - Fire Rocket

Mouse Wheel - Rocket Selection

1 - Rocket 1

2 - Rocket 2

3 - Rocket 3

4 - Rocket 4

Q - Roll Left

E - Roll Right

R - Flip Car


PATCH NOTES 2022-05-30:

-Changed engine settings to "Arcade" and "Simulator". Both are now much easier to control, but especially Arcade is a lot easier to learn. Engines can now be swapped out mid-game.

-Map has been flattened significantly to better accommodate the car's driving physics.

-All ramps have had their meshes smoothed and their edges removed. You can now also pass through ramps from the underside.

-A lot of sources of frustration have been removed from the map: Much fewer rocks and barriers to get snagged on and all respawn points have been overhauled.

-Castle Health has been greatly reduced.

-Added health pickups and pickups that grant a temporary window of unlimited boost.

Install instructions

Unzip folder and run executable.


Overdrift.zip 263 MB


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very good

Thank you!