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Welcome to the world of Origo! Take control of an armada of drones in interstellar space, and navigate through dimensions in order to reach origo. Play with family and friends in this intuitive digital board game, where strategy and planning are central themes. 2-4 player local multiplayer.

How to play:
The game starts with the Placement-phase. Each player takes turns to spawn their drones on the game board. You can place a drone on any node that isn't occupied by a teleporter, booster och another drone.
As soon as every drone has been placed, it's time to get moving! The dice will be automatically rolled, and each player will have the opportunity to move a single drone on his or her turn. The goal is to reach a teleporter with as many drones as possible, in order for them to stay in the game when all teleporters on the board has been taken and the game progresses into a new dimension. If you can't reach a teleporter you can hopefully pick up a booster.

The dice is 7-sided, which are: One 1, Two 2's, Three 3's and One 4.
You may move any of your drones, but it must be able to move exactly as many steps as indicated by the dice in a straight line. A drone cannot be moved to the same place or past another drone, neither your's or an opponent's. The game will mark any drones able to move, and if you click a drone you will be shown the legal moves available.

The boosters:
Warp Booster: Take another turn!
Quantum Leap Booster: You can immediately make a Quantum Leap with any of your drones. It will be able to move to any unoccupied node within 2 nodes.
Throttle Booster: Whenever you pick up a Throttle it will show up next to your avatar. On your turn you are able to use it in order to change the dice result, which means greater control over your drones movements.

The game was originally designed for touch screen devices, but due to beginner-level skills and a lack of time it's currently limited to mouse input. Control the camera by holding down right mouse button, and left mouse button handles all other input.

Loosely based on the board game Under The Ground (1995) by Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH.

Install instructions

Unzip and Run.


OrigoMajors.zip 42 MB

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