A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Moose Around Game

Eat apples and explore the beautiful handcrafted environments . Oh hey, why not Moose Around a little while doing so? (There is a hidden lore lurking in the shadows, see if you can reveal the truth!)

The moose can interact with almost everything in the game so while you are moosing around do not forget to DASH, BASH and TRASH!

Our game is free of charge so please give us some love on social media and share your experience in the comments below.


William Ullholm - Lead Programmer

Luis Gómez Vecchio - Project Leader, Programmer, Music & Sounds

Rikard Röhr - Programmer  &  Game Design


Anna Björkman - Artist

Sandra Caraan - Artist, Scrum Master & Animation

Alexander Höglind - Artist

Sebastian Claesson - Artist


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Install instructions

Strongly recommended to play with controller, PS4 / XBOX or similar.  Use headphones for optimal experience.

Unzip and enjoy!!


MooseAroundGame.zip 626 MB
MooseAroundGame.app.zip 634 MB
MooseAroundGameLinux.zip 646 MB

Development log


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The fact that I could poop in rythm in the disco scene made it the best thing I ever played. So much fun, left me with a smile! Good simple game, also love the creative menu!

Thank you very much for playing, we are happy that you enjoyed! :D

Deleted 66 days ago

This game is amazing! I loved playing this. Its so much fun. I got sucked into it and forgot I was recording Haha! I highly recommend trying this out. Thanks creator for the amazing game! 

Thank you so much!


That's great. Loved the game design and atmosphere


Thank you very much! :)

驼鹿搞笑视频! YouTube 流媒体! FUN FUN xD!


OMG! I simply love this game. Moose Power! We need more of this awesome game.

Thank you very much!


ahhahaahah so funny game :D please make other stage 

Thank you for moosin’! We are very happy that you enjoyed our game! Stay tuned, might come more in the future! 👊🏻👊🏻


yeahh :D think this good console 


very good


Awesome game :)