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The bakers' creations have turned on him so now he must fight for his life in the Arena. 

Meet Your Baker is an action packed 3rd person Arena shooter. Utilize unique baker weaponry to fight off hordes of baked monsters. 

Credits below in order of appearance:

Daniel Redzepovic - Lead Programmer

James Kalnins - Project Lead, Programmer

Anthony Policelli - Music, SFX, Voice Actor, Sound Designer, Programmer

Rasmus Nilsson - 3D/2D Artist, Animator

Damir Pejinovic - 3D/2D Artist, Animator

Jona Rosenberg - 3D/2D Artist, Animator

Install instructions

1. Unzip the file to your computer.

2. Run meetyourbaker.exe

Runs on PC with keyboard & mouse or any windows compatible controller (ie. Xbox/PS4).


Meet Your Baker.zip 77 MB


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Hey Team,
Fun game and great concept!
The movement controls could be slightly more polished although having lots of gingerbread men run at you with karate moves while fending them off with a toaster shotgun was hilarious.
This great concept can easily be a platform or multiplayer game with different themed worlds with lots of possiblities.

Keep up the good work

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Thanks a lot for the review mate! Greatly appreciated... awesome to hear you had a good laugh playing it :) We are definitely on the lookout to expand...


fun game


Thank you!