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*Only mouse and keyboard is supported for this game!


A hardcore boss game where you fight gigantic TV-headed Robots. Set in an urban cyberpunk city, you're a punk with a gun, blasting gigantic bosses to pieces while dodging their insane bullet-patterns! All in a cell-shaded, neon-style!


  • Shoot the boss 
  • Dodge the attacks
  • Absorb the Red Bullets


WASD: Move
Left Click:
Hold to shoot
Right Click: Absorb red bullets


  • Connecting a gamepad will make the game unplayable.
  • May experience some lagging in the second phase.
  • Bullet-sounds sometimes dissapears when restarting the level. Restarting the game is the only way to fix this.
  • Changing the key-bindings won't change the tutorial text.
  • Can't rebind absorb.


This game was created during 5 weeks as a collaboration between a group of students in Game Programming and Computer Graphics at Yrgo.


Jesper Uddefors (Project Lead & "Senior" Programmer)
Christopher Tåqvist (Creative Director & Design)
Filip Nilsson ("Senior" Programmer)
Daniel Nordahl (VFXs, Shader & Design)
Anton Lindkvist (VFXs, Shader & Design)
Vidar Mårtensson (Sound Design)
Jonatan Karlsson (Player Aiming Animation)
*Everyone above helped with programming during this project


Emma Claesson (Lead Artist)
Frida Johansson (Concept Artist & Shooter Artist)
Marcus Holst (VFX Artist)
Sofia Eriksson (Technical Artist & Boss Artist)
Athene Fritsch (Boss Artist)
Victor Clausson (Animator / Rig)


John Cederfeldt

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tagsboss, Boss battle, Bullet Hell, cabal, cell-shading, Cyberpunk, Mechs, Neon, Retro, Robots

Install instructions

Download, unzip and run


Last Rites.zip 99 MB


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which are the requeriments for this?

Wow ! loved the graphics, and the gameplay was really easy to take in charge, keep it up! had a great time playing it! 

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Very impressed. Had a lot of fun playing through. I wish the ending felt more like an ending but would love to see your take on this over the course of a handful of bosses. 

Thanks mate! And aye, agree on the ending-part.

Awesome bullet hell game im a huge fan of bullet hells and you nailed it great job!

Thanks! I really like bullet hells as well, so means a bunch ^^

Fun, but the ending was really underwhelming. 

Thanks mate! And you're absolutely right about the ending, never got the time to do something more interesting.

This was an absolute blast!  I love this little cyberpunk trend growing on itch.io :)


Thanks a bunch! Your video was an absolute blast to watch as well! ^^


Why this guy is always screaming in this video?  Annoyng a bit.

lemme know when you can use a gamepad, and i'll bite

I'm going to need a bigger gun. Also, mentioned it in the video, when a gamepad was connected I couldn't play with either that or the keyboard. No gamepad and it worked fine. :)


Heyya! Thanks for playing.

And oh, added the gamepad part to known issues.
We forgot to remove some by-products in the code of a planned gamepad functionality. Thanks for bringing it up.


This was an absolute blast! Short and sweet, but pure fun for the duration. The addition of the hit indicators on the screen was brilliant as it solved my only real issue being the issue of proper depth perception. Amazing work to your whole team!

(1 edit) (+1)

Eyya! Was a blast watching you play it! Always fun when people enjoy your stuff. The hit indicators were Antons idea (he's got a good eye for problems), so all creds to him for that! Good to hear they work so well.

And thanks for playing!