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GodGameVR is a small VR game prototype where you build a village and protect it from getting destroyed by throwing objects at attackers.  Developed over a few weeks for a VR-Development course.


Your goal as a player is to increase the population of your village by building houses. Remember to keep an eye on the gates and defend your village from attackers or your hard work will be destroyed by them.

To build houses you need to select a blueprint in your radial menu, place it and then throw trees into the construction zone untill the house is complete.

Use rocks to best defend your village as they are unlimited and pack a punch!

This game can only be played in VR and has been developed using a HTC VIVE and SteamVR. No other peripherals has been tested.

  • Triggers grab objects and select highlighted menu options.
  • Touchpads to bring out the menus and to highlight options. (Restart game on left menu)
  • Grip button to teleport


Anton Lindkvist

Filip Nilsson

Heimer Ahnfelt

Jesper Uddefors

Vidar Mårtensson


GodGameVR Version 01.zip 45 MB

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