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About the Game

Frantic Four is a fast-paced local multiplayer game where four animals are thrown into intense battles; three of them as hunters, the fourth one as their prey. While one animal desperately tries to outrun and outsmart their pursuers, the other three have to race and fight each other for the kill.

It is a local 4-player action PVP that brings highly competitive matches inside a garden arena filled with both strategic possibilities and life-threatening elements. Presented in a colorful, cartoon inspired 2D semi top-down perspective. Frantic Four aims to provide players with a unique experience of chaotic, collective fun.

This game is preferably played with a controller.
Parsec can be used to simulate local gameplay.

Let the hunt begin!



Malva Malmgren
Isak Alfredsson
Alexandra Söderström
Frida Karlsson


Linus Jonsson
Nicklas Hidesjö
Robin Vondrak


Frantic Four.zip 66 MB
Frantic Four_OSX.zip 64 MB

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