A downloadable game for Windows

*Only supports Xbox (360/One) Controllers.


A chaotic local-multiplayer game where you pass stuff between your friends. Set in a 80s neon future, you play as four action heroes out to save the world from a zombie apocalypse. But not by killing.. you’re doctors! You will cure the hell out of the zombies. But not before you knock them down.

And watch out.. there's only one weapon!


  • Get the baseball bat
  • Knock the zombies down!
  • Bind them to the bed
  • Cure them with the vaccines
  • Pass stuff between your friends!


LS: Move Character
Pick up / Put down (Zombies, Vaccines, Weapons)
X: Swing weapon
Start: Pause

KNOWN ISSUES (And fixes)

  • Connect the controllers before you start the game! Otherwise they might not work properly.
  • Don't use the cursor in the menu. You'll get stuck.
  • The person pressing "Play" in the menu will join automatically. Wait for the other players to ready up before you press "A" again.


Christopher Tåqvist (Project Lead / Lead Design / Audio Implementation)
Filip Nilsson (Programming)
Robin Arkblad (Programming)
Kian Parsa (Graphics Implementation / Design)

Sanna Granqvist (In-game Graphics)
Emanuel Mårdsjö (In-game Graphics)
Arvid Lindstedt (In-game Graphics)
Ebba Olsson (In-game Graphics)

Anders Hofsten (Sound Design)
Joakim Stenmark (Gameplay Music)


"Dark City" by Rockit Maxx (is licenced under CC BY-NC 4.0)

"UnityScanlinesEffect" by Ale Ricatti

"Arcade Alternate" by Muizz Kasim

"Arcadepix Plus" by Jimmy Campbell

"Arcade Classic" by Pizzadude

Install instructions

Download, unzip and run.


Flatlined.zip 49 MB

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