A downloadable game for Windows

Experience Escape Room in an dark atmospheric First Person Puzzle environmental Virtual Reality game.

Wake up in an old asylum and explore the enviroment to solve the puzzles and escape the room.

A VR game school project that took four weeks. At Yrgo Game Programming, Gothenburg


EscapeRoomVR.zip 288 MB

Install instructions

NOTE: This game was made and works best in a HTC Vive! Please notify us if you tested the game in another VR headset!

Tested and works : 

Htc Vive, Oculus Rift,Asus Mixed Reality Headset

Download, unzip, run.


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does this work without vr? i launched it but just had a gray screen. this looks really good, hoping i can play this


i had the same issue

Found this because I was bored, but it was prtty fun !! thnx dev

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I know this might sound stupid but how so you get the medical cabinet open? I've tried just regularly opening it I've tried hitting stuff against it. I've gone all around the room fixed the paintings and even figured out the chess set but for some reason I still cannot get the cabinet open. Other than this I'm finding it to be really fun and challenging

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If you want the answer add me on discord, so I don't spoil for others trying out the game @gineltonic

But I'd be happy to help you out! 

Go to the door, put your head through, and teleport. You have just beat the game within seconds.

Very True, but is it fun? :P

It was pretty dope. Though I couldn't figure what to do with the eye (if anything - which I thought could be used to scan and unlock something). My friend enjoyed it as well. 

You can indeed use the eye to progress :)