A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Crumble and Fall is a 1 v 1 high tempo build and shoot game, where two players build and defend their towers, while doing everything in their power to hurl projectiles and destroy the opposing players’ structure.

In this dynamic and crumbling duel, players must balance offence against defence as they struggle to become the last man standing. So when shit hits the fan be ready to keep your tactics and priorities straight! 

And remember, building a high tower comes with benefits and boosts but also makes you more vulnerable... 

If nothing else, know that when the clock winds down, the fellow with the most health remaining wins!

Crumble and Fall is played between two players on one keyboard or played between friends online with the help of remote access software, such as Parsec or similar software where the host player allows the online friend to access their keyboard.


This is a student project at Yrgo created by: 
Artists: Lars Olsson, Kimberly Ge, Sally Trollius 
Programmers: Jakob Bülow, Robert Sandh, Christian Seehuusen

Royalty free music from Fesliyan Studios.
Fonts: MADETYPE, Lettersiro

Install instructions

Crumble and Fall is built for 1920x1080 resolution.  Other resolutions might result in unwanted effects on the user interface.


CaF_Finished version2.0.zip 50 MB
CaF_Finished version2.0.zip 53 MB
Linux.zip 56 MB


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Loving it, playing it on all 3 screens, its bitchin sweet! 

nice to hear that Albert! Spread the word! 👍


What a wonderful game, great job!

thank you!