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Castle Watch is an asymmetrical PC vs VR multiplayer game. One player plays the archer defending the kings castle in VR, and the other player plays the evil goblin lord leading his minions to steal all the king's gold!

How To Play

VR Player

Your goal is to defend the castle from the evil goblins trying to steal the kings gold. Use your arrows and special abilities to shoot down the goblins summoned by the PC player before it is too late! The PC player cannot be killed, but he can be stunned using normal arrows.

Move your hand to the bow and press the 'Grab' button (don't hold it down) to pick it up. Move your other hand back over your shoulder to pick up an arrow (no need to press any button). Hold the arrow close to the bowstring and it will snap into place. Hold the 'Draw Bow' button with the arrow hand and move it backwards to draw the bow. Release the button to fire the arrow.

Dip your arrows in the magical liquid contained in the three barrels to apply elemental effects to them. The magical liquid will regenerate over time.

  • The green liquid makes poison arrows. Theese will create a zone which will continuously damage any minions within it.
  • The blue liquid makes freeze arrows. Theese will create a zone in which minions are slowed down. Additionally, if a minion stays in this zone for too long, it will turn into ice and explode!
  • The red liquid makes explosive arrows. Thees will cause knockback and stun minions but wont cause any damage.

Beware of the stun orb! If you get hit by it, you will be unable to use your bow for a short while. Use your normal arrows to detsroy it before it hits you!

PC Player

Your goal is to lead your minions into stealing as much gold as possible before the time runs out. Use your special abilities to spawn and protect your minions from the VR player. 


  • Wall (Keybind: Q, Cooldown: 5s) - Raises a wall from the ground blocking projectiles.
  • Shield (Keybind: R, Cooldown: 10s): - Puts a shield on a single minion, destroys projectiles on impact.
  • Speed Buff (Keybind: E, Cooldown: 7s) - A single target speed buff for the minions.
  • Stun Orb (Keybind: F, Cooldown: 80s) - Shoots an orb at the VR player, stunning him for short duration. 

Spawn Minions with Keybinds: 1, 2, 3

  • 1: Spawn 2xminions
  • 2: Spawn 5x minions
  • 3: Spawn 10x minions

You can also give commands to close minions, ordering them to either follow or attack.

  • Follow (Keybind: C)
  • Attack (Keybind V)

In the lower left corner you can see your total minion buffer, be careful not to use them all up at once, cause if you run out of minions, you lose.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes when a VR headset is connected, one is unable to interact with the main menu. Press space to open up a temporary menu that works.
  • If a VR headset is connected but is not properly tracking, the main menu background might be black.
  • Sometimes the stun orb does not render properly for the VR player causing it to be less visible.
  • If you are using Steam to connect, the Steam client must be running before you start the game. Otherwhise you may need to restart the game.


Jimmy Saarela (itch) - Programming
Jonatan Johansson (itch) - Programming
Daniel Nielsen (Twitter) - Level Design, Game Design, Shaders


Frida Karlsson (Artstation)
Lars Olsson (Artstation)
Moa Hansen (Artstation)
Oscar Elmgren (Artstation)

Install Instructions

This game was developed for and tested on the HTC Vive. Other SteamVR compatible headsets may work, but have not been tested by us. If you try it with another headset, we would appreciate it if you would leave a comment with what headset you used and any problems that arose.

As this is a networked multiplayer game, both players will need their own computer to play. You can connect to each other either via Steam (make sure Steam client is running in the background), or via IP address (port-forwarding may be required). Currently, the VR player must be the host.


castle-watch-vr-win.zip 302 MB
Version 1 Oct 03, 2021


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how do you get vr working

i wish this had local play i got it thinking it did but it doesn't please add local play as a sperate button

really cool.

Thank you!


The game works perfectly well with my Lenovo explorers windows mixed reality goggles!

Smooth sailing, performance wise, with my GTX 1080 graphics card as well!

That is some great news! We really did not have time to test out all the headsets. Thanks for trying it out :D