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Bloody Mary's Quest for the Hell Staff is a turn-based, tactical puzzle game with a colourful, horror and myth-inspired graphic theme. 

The player plays as Bloody Mary who wants to take over the world with the help of the mythical Hell staff owned by the King of Hell, Lucifer. In order for Mary to get hold of the Hell Staff, she must challenge various  bosses who also use mythical staffs

The challenges are played in matches on a 5x5 grid of squares. The player can place markers to build chains which can then be cashed in to deduct points from the opponent's blood points. When a player's blood points go down to 0, the opponent wins the match. 

To do this, the player (Bloody Mary), must be cunning, and choose a staff that gives tactical advantages that suits her game preference and outmaneuver her opponent.


A six week collaboration between first year programmers and game artists at Yrgo in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Game Design

Simon Bengtsson


  • Simon Bengtsson
  • Axelina Holmberg Berg
  • Josefin Ramsberg


  • Tove Ahlgren
  • Carl Erlandsson
  • Christer Högberg
  • Emilie Vogel


Albin Lundqvist

All other audio is from freesound & 99sounds.

Special thanks to our teachers Robert Esbjörnsson and Max Friberg.


BloodyMary4PC 65 MB
BloodyMary4Mac 64 MB

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