A downloadable game for Windows

Bear n Tear is a fast-paced arcade "Tear em up". Tear your way through the mean stuffed animal streets, the Rooftop, then meet your maker "Boss Bunny" in the final Sewer battle. But, wait... there's more.

Game Artists

- Astrid JäderlindOlivia FrischTheo Johansson


- Daniel RedzepovicRikard RöhrJames Kalnins

Install instructions

1. Unzip file to your computer.

2. Run bearntear.exe

Runs on PC with either keyboard or ps4 controller input.


BearnTear.zip 74 MB


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cool arcade

Thank you for playing! :)

The colors!!!

Thanks for playing mate! Glad you enjoyed that TEAR MODE! Will follow your work here as well, see you on twitter! :D!

Looks cool. Love the colours. Characters look top notch! Well done

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing it & the feedback. :)

hi james im your friend lukes son I haven’t played the game but I definitely will 😀

Oh wow! Awesome stuff... big hi from over here in Sweden to Australia matey!!! Let me know what you think... And say hi to your parents from me.

its xavier chance son of luke chance


Bear n Tear is a fun little side-scrolling, 2-D, beat them up game. I enjoyed the aesthetic of it and the characters were cool looking and well made. I feel like the environment was well created. The actual fighting and gameplay could be smoother and there are definitely ways to manipulate the environment to beat the game which could use some work. Overall, pretty fun and aesthetically pleasing! 


Thanks for the review mate... & your input on the game much appreciated!


Cheers! Fun review, will follow your work! If you ever play again, we took your feedback to the heart and wrote an FAQ above. 

You beat the game, good job! :D

See you in future game reviews!

taking "rip and tear" to another level

Thanks a lot for playing the game! :)

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Thanks for the review! This version of the game was prior to the actual release but happy that you liked it :)