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The world famous Sandwich Awards are in full swing! Create the tallest, most magnificent sandwich, in order to become the most revered sandwich maker of all time!

But beware, there is a seagull infestation, and these feathered beings won't hesitate to shit on all your ingredients! 

The score system has a life of its own. Don't take it too seriously :)


Use triggers to interact. 

Scare away seagulls by waving your hands above your head.

Lead game designer

Emilie Vogel

Lead game programmer

Nicklas Hidesjö

Game programmers

Tove Ahlgren

Emilie Vogel

Lead game artist

Tove Ahlgren

Game artists

Isak Alfredsson

Jimmy Hultén

Malva Malmgren

Trang Nguyen

Sally Trollius

Tropical plants from zedvenom

Audio from EpidemicSound

Fonts from 1001fonts here and here


AssholeSeagull.zip 170 MB

Install instructions

Developed using HP Reverb & HTC Vive. 

 Also works with Quest 2 via Oculus Link.

May work with other headsets.

Development log


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can you make a apk version can you


Excellent game! Very funny.

The graphics and sounds were great. The game is straight forward but makes you come back for more.

Thanks for sharing.


Tnx for your comment! makes all of us that worked on it very happy to hear :)