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Are you tired of spending your time going undercover as a secret agent? Take a trip to the never ending ocean and spend a weekend fishing. Guaranteed to no gun fighting, no stress and not a single person to be seen. 

Be prepared to use all your skills in this fishing shooter as you not only battle the economy but also the never ending hordes of enemies trying to bring you and your ship down.

A four week school project made in Unity at Yrgo Gothenburg Sweden. 

Compatible with Htc vive, Occulus rift, mixed reality.

Feel free to leave comments and rate so we know what to improve! Thanks for playing and keep fishing!

Install instructions

Unzip and run.


AgentGoneFishing.zip 59 MB


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This is another really dope VR game that I enjoy. Good job!

Thanks for your kind words! 


Thanks for this game! The combo of fishing and shooting is fun for some reason, the frantic nature I guess of trying to accomplish 2 tasks without much time. I created a video of this game and had a lot of fun doing it I used my Windows Mixed Reality device without any real issues at all, worked well.

No worries! We're glad you like it! :)


how the hell do I make money and the game is bloody hard without being able to teleport or walk around


Hello! Thanks for your comment. You make money by catching fish with the fishing rod. The game works best seated and it's not meant to be able to teleport around, That was one of our challenges when making the game. Hope this solves your confusion.

Best Regards // Elton Relander


Thanks for the reply.


Oh and sorry about seeming so annoyed, its just windows mixed reality loses where you are in your room as soon as you look down to pick something up

Hahaha we get you, we developed with the Mixed Reality for a bit and it's not preferred when it comes to playing VR. GODSPEED MY FRIEND!