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I just came across your game and really enjoyed it. I thought the little touches were especially nice: different death animation as a human and werewolf, the moon timer between switching forms, and so on. It worked quite well with a keyboard (I don't have a controller) so I appreciate that as well. I'm going to check out more of your games!

Thanks <3

and thanks to you for playing our game!



This was really fun and really cool! 

We're all glad you enjoyed the game! I had a great time watching your video!

It was a fantastic game! Glad you enjoyed it! 


It looks amazing. Thank you very much! Cheers from Brazil.

Thank you so much for these kind words!



Thanks a lot! We're glad you enjoyed it.


Непогана гра. Робіть повну версію.

Glad you liked it!

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Thanks for playing!


Very fun and unique in its own way. I had fun with this werewolf puzzle/platformer. Great job to everyone involved in the creation of this game!


Thank you for playing, and for making that awesome playthrough! We're super grateful!

You are welcome.


man, I think the game is VERY good, it has a nice story and the scenery is very immersive.

Thank you very much! We're happy that you enjoyed the game and its story! :)


A good, polished game, really solid project, hat's off to the team. Of course I want more levels. :)


Thank you so much for playing our game and for your awesome video! I enjoyed watching it.

I hope that, if time allows it, we can make more levels in the future.


More levels, a different game, whatever Team Were.Wolf is making I want to play. :)


This game is absolutely amazing. The visual style and the music is top-notch. The game is fair, never too hard. This is not a student project, this is the work of a professional. You are probably not even aware of how good the game is. If this came out back in the day it would be in the top games. Great work!

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Thank you for playing our game and for your heartwarming comment. You really made our day. <3


Very good game!

it would be nice if we could configure controls or at least have the option to make "W" the jump button

other than that it was really fun!


Really fun and not to hard or easy. The music and animation was amazing. I really recommend this game!

Thank you so much for playing our game! We're really glad you enjoyed it.


Stunning game in both visuals and music - particularly the backgrounds as well as idle and cutscene animations. I really liked the story of the game as well, and the only thing that could have made the game any better is if I could have freed the other creatures held prisoner in the castle as I went along. The mechanics felt really smooth too, and I couldn't find any faults in it gameplay-wise as the only struggles I had when playing were completely my own stress-induced stupidity. That one jump however I would like to fight in a Dennis parking lot. Either way a 10/10 game that I thoroughly enjoyed playing.

Thank you so much! We're very happy that you played the game and that you enjoyed it! :)

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I just found a "Hardlock" that is super easy to perform. (Note: Normal Spikes works too, not just Instant Death Spikes. Possibly all forms of dying?)

How To: 

- When you press "Exit To Menu" the game doesn't pause, thus allow you to keep falling and die while doing so. Once you load into a new level (can be a different one, or the same one, it doesn't matter), then you will hardlock. You can turn left and right, press Y to hear transformation sound or Jump to hear the jumping sound (neither will actually have any effect though). Pausing doesn't work either. Now if you Dash then you will freeze permanently, so any of the previously mentioned actions stop working. At this point closing the game with Alt+F4 is the only solution.

I guess the fix would be to make the game not resume after pressing "Exit To Menu"?


Thank you for reporting this, and with such a thorough reproduction guide! I've tracked down the issue, and I believe I've got a fix for it - It's pretty much what you suggested. The fix will likely be available as part of our next patch of the game.

My pleasure! It was starting to get a bit annoying when I was speedrunning the individual levels, as I like to quite back to the menu between each attempt. Glad to hear you got a fix though, thanks a lot for taking your time :)


An incredibly fun sidescroller with a horror theme! My first impression was the artwork which gave a sort of old school Castlevania vibe to it. The puzzles in the game are simple but really well done, as well as the game mechanics and how the difficulty increases as you progress into the game. The game does exactly what it is intended to do and makes for a great time killer if you need to kill about 1 hour. Loved it!

Thank you very much for playing our game and leaving a comment! We're very happy to hear that you enjoyed our game! :)

Do not reccomend playing if you have issues with dealing with stress. It is extremely difficult, and I vent anger by beating myself over the head until it stops. Suffice to say it is a lovely game artwise, but it makes me want to kill myself


Sorry you got those sorts of feelings from our game. We agree it is at times difficult - though this is intentional. Please take care of yourself and if I may make a suggestion, try and vet the games you play to avoid these situations. Much love /The Were.Wolf team


Truly an amazing experience. Extremely fun to play and the music fits the game really well!


Awesome gameplay and design!

Thank you very much, we're very happy you like it! :)

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Hi :D, I've recorded a video about the game and wanted to give you some feedback that hopefully it's helpful to you :D

-The visual style is quite brutal and polished.

-Movement of the characters feels quite good and works perfectly in relation to the main gameplay mechanics.

-Levels are very well balanced as they give you a challenge that's hard enough to make you want to play more and more, but without being boring/too hard to pass.

In conclusion, the game is great and I hope you keep working on making videogames like this. Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thank you for the review! We are really glad you enjoyed our game and think we made such a good job! :D You made a great video too!

You are welcome :D


The visuals and music is fantastic! I also really love the movement with the Dash mechanic, you guys really nailed it!


Thank you! We're happy you liked it.

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You're welcome! I actually did some speedrun attempts and got a time of 7:55.450! I'm currently waiting to get up a leaderboard on, in hopes of others discovering this awesome game as well. If you're interested in watching the run, here it is :)


Oh wow, that's awesome! We've been joking about how people might speedrun our game. But we didn't expect to see someone do it so soon. I will definitely have to make an attempt myself now, but I doubt I'll be any faster than you. :)


this art style is truly badass!

Thank you for the kind words! We're glad to hear you liked it!

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great jobs

Thank you very much for playing! We enjoyed watching your video.

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:D yeah :D so cool this game. .. hope dub italian :D