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pls add mouse/keyboard support

I don't know how to deal with the red repair signs. Pressing X doesn't seem to do anything?


and ps4 controllers

Hi ! 

We are only two, can we still play? :)

Hi! Yeah playing two works, as long as you have gamepads.


Thanks :D


I would play it, but I don't have anyone :'(

This looks great! is there a way to do it with 3 people though? if so that would be very nice.

Yea! You can play three people, all it requires is three controllers and you should be good to go!

I really want to play this, but it doesn't recognize my controller...

What type of controller are you using?

innext snes controller. 

Ah it seems like we don't have support for that. Your best bet would be to use a Xbox controller or use a controller emulator for your current controller.


Is this souly based on controller or is it controller and keyboard?

All players are required to use gamepads since you need at least two people to play.


Can I play without a gamepad?


Sorry, gamepads are required.

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If this was online multiplayer instead of couch im sure people would have brought it happily. 


Thank you for your feedback! We are currently looking into adding multiplayer to the game.
We will post any future updates on this page!

That'd be amazing,I love this game concept it looks really entertaining.