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PC Gamer
“Deliver At All Costs is a free driving game about a courier who's had enough of your shit”

PC Gamer
“The best free games: August 2021”

”Deliver At All Costs is crazy, Swedish developed, and totally free.”

IGN Hungary
“Deliver at All Costs is a game in which the target is to deliver packages with your nitrous-powered car while you destroy the whole city.”


Deliver At All Costs is a chaotic and destructive isometric driving game about a courier pushed to the edge. He's been let go by his boss, and has decided to go out in style, taking his instruction to deliver a final lot of packages "at all costs" literally.

The game features some very fun, silly, and ridiculously bouncy physics. Hit the Q key near a drop-off point and a spring in the back of the truck launches a package violently at the recipient, often destroying their home or knocking them on their ass in the process. In a rush?  The blunt force of your trusty pickup is just as effective to rack up your damage to city property.

You only have a few minutes to cause as much mayhem as you can. Pick your route and targets wisely!

Free Roam mode that lets you just crash around at your leisure, breaking stuff for the hell of it.

Global Leaderbord

The best players will be featured in the Global Leaderboard. The amount of city property damage that you have caused is shown in the bottom right corner during gameplay, and your total score is displayed in the upper right corner after your time is up.


Groundhog day. Impossible schedules. Eternal gridlocks. Thankless, impatient customers and their insatiable materialistic dispositions. Your rabid boss… ”Being let go” should have been a blessing, but somehow you care enough to feel disgruntled. Betrayed. Sitting behind the wheel of your old pickup truck on the way to your last day of work, you can hear the booming voice of your boss in the back of your head: ”I don’t care about excuses Winston. Deliver at all costs!” 

This time, you decide to take it literally.


This is a school project at Yrgo, Gothenburg made by:

Lars Olsson
Oscar Elmgren
Jimmy Hultén
Simon Bengtsson

Daniel Nielsen
Jakob Bülow
Robin Vondrak

Music & Sound Effects
Introduction produced by the team.
Vintage commercials from public domain.
Royalty free sounds from zapsplat.com


DeliverAtAllCosts v1.1.4 Win.zip 194 MB
DeliverAtAllCosts v1.1.4 Mac.zip 219 MB
DeliverAtAllCosts v1.1.4 Linux.zip 245 MB

Development log


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When I download the game, it gets stuck as a zip file. How do I launch it? Sorry if that's a stupid question, this is my first time trying to download a game like this.


If you are using Windows you should have the option to "Extract here" when you right click on the file. Then open the extracted folder and start the game through the DeliverAtAllCosts.exe file.

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Grymt spel. Bra jobbat! :D 
Jag spelade utan problem på: PC Win 10, Intel Core I7 9700, 32GB ram, Gigabyte RTX 2070 8GB DDR6. 

Kul att höra! :)


Had a lot of fun playing, altough i forgot i was supposed to be making deliveries part way through lol

The only issue i had was every now and then I'd flip over and couldn't get back up, seems like the game is supposed to rewind me, but didn't happen most the time. 

Hope you enjoy the video! 

Hi Cyberwolf, thanks so much for playing. Sorry about the bugs, we got a new version coming in a week or so that should fix all of these bugs.

Hi Cyberwolf, your feedback has been fixed in version 1.1.4!


Any chance for controller support?

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Hello, hmm that's a good question. I will give it a shot!


Så coolt! 🤘


tack så mycket, det värmer att du gillar det!


Made a video




Hi, I've been playing Deliver At All Costs and really enjoying it. The scale model train set aesthetic is really beautiful and it's what drew me to trying out the game.

I experienced a lot of lag while playing the game (I'm using a laptop, but am able to play games with 3D elements fine), but I understand that this is currently the Development Build, so I might have just started playing it too early. If you'd like me to give details on my PC's specs, let me know and I can look them up if it will help with development.

Thank you for making such a beautiful, textile game.


Thank you, awesome that you enjoy the game. :)
Yeah, please post your specs! We have have spent the last week optimizing game, so hopefully the game will run better for you in the upcoming version.


Sure, here they are:

ASUS VivoBook Laptop specs:

  • OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 Mobile 3700U
  • Picasso 12nm Technology
  • RAM: 14.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1200MHz (17-17-17-39)
  • Motherboard: ASUSeK COMPUTER INC. X512DA (FPS)
  • Graphics: Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080@60Hz)
  • 2048MB ATI AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics (ASUStek Computer Inc)
  • Storage: 931GB TOSHIBA MQ04ABF100 (SATA )
  • Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio

Thank you!


Hi Katy133, we have worked a lot on optimization the game and hopefully you should experience a much smoother play experience now. We have also tons of new content, check out version 1.1.4! 


Hi! Thank you so much for the update! It's a lot smoother now (I still experience some lag at times, but it's noticeably much smoother and i was able to drive around town a lot easier). Thanks again! ^^


Great to hear!


Great game! but I feel like there should be a graphics slider and a choice to disable the motion blur.

Happy that you liked the game. :)
We have spent one week optimizating the game, so hopefullly it will run much better now. If not, we might spend some time adding some graphic settings. Thanks for your suggestions!

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So I just hit #1 on the Leaderboard super hyped about that :D I hit 117k after a few hours of trying and planning routes. I will say that the game doesn't calculate score fast enough. Without giving away a few of the higher ticket items you can find the only way to get a score any higher than mine is to never allow the score to stop for any reason. Once it starts ticking it needs to keep ticking because  it stops wherever it is when the game ends regardless of score not yet added to your total. Not sure how you could fix this tbh but just so ya know <3

Wow, awesome! I'm impressed! About the score counter, I will take a look at a solution later today. Thanks for letting us know.


No problem, Its a lot of fun and I'm excited to fight for that top spot xD. One other thing I've learned is that the 5,000 bonus for reaching that special place seems to no longer work if you don't reach it before a certain time. Not sure if that's intentional or not. But it seems to be about the 3:00 mark, I can elaborate if needed but I'm pretty sure you know the one lol.

Hi Benjamin-Danklin420, we have worked on your feedback about the score counter. Hopefully it works better for you now! Check out version 1.1.4, which also features tons of new content.


what are the PC requirements?

Hi there, to be honest... we have not had time to investigate this. This game was created in 7 weeks, so our focus was mostly on just getting the game done. But! We have some ideas on how to optimize the game, so that's on our agenda.


This game is extremely fun! The only suggestion I have to make is to implement a graphics quality adjuster so that it can run smoothly on low spec computers.


Happy to hear that you like the game. Actually we already got that one our todo-list. :-) Thanks for the suggestion!

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Thanks! Your project has a lot of potential!

Hi xouzouris, in version 1.1.4 the game should run smoother. Let us know otherwise, and we will work more on performance.


It runs a little smoother, but still lags. But my laptop is extremely underpowered, so it's not really the game's fault. I can post my specs if you want.

Hi xouzouris, please post your specs. Thanks!

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By the way xouzouris, if you press "F" while playing. What FPS do you get? (You can see your FPS in the top left corner)

And is the FPS stable or unstable?


Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is quite good.

-The gameplay mechanics are really good and fun, but sometimes the controls become hard to use or the car gets "glitched" under the road on the bridge.

-Visually the game looks really great, and the music you have used fits the game really well.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Hi FullThrough, thank you for feedback. I agree with you and I'm noted it down on my todo-list. :)

Glad you liked the game, and I hope you check back in after a while and checkout the new updates. 


Awesome, I'll try to keep it in mind ^^ You are welcome :D

Hi FullThrough, we have fixed your feedback! Check it out in version 1.1.4. :)

nice thanks for the info :)

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Hi and thanks for this game!

I've tried the latest Linux version but it can't run on my system because of the Vulkan A.P.I. requirements. Vulkan is actually unsupported by most of the older graphic cards with OpenGL versions lower than 4.0 or ES-3.1; for instance mine is an integrated Intel HD3000 with OpenGL 3.3 max supported version.

However, since Unity Editor still allows building Linux games versions eather with OpenGL or Vulkan support, do you think it would be possible uploading a Linux version with OpenGL support aswell ?

In any case, thanks again for your work!


Hello and thanks for your reply! 

Sadly we can't build our game with OpenGL because it is not supported by HDRP. Additionally because our game heavily uses HDRP, we were not able to downgrade. :(


Broken link to windows version




Does it work now?