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Proof of concept? that was a proof of competence

Great game

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I enjoyed this a surprising amount for a “Proof of Concept” game. I had a fantastic time navigating space and trying to to find the best course to take, weighing up the difference between what is faster and what is safer.

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Thanks for playing! Really enjoyed the video! :)


This was honestly super awesome to play! As a proof of concept, I can't wait to see where this game or you might be headed! Made a video, i hope you enjoy it! 

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Ohh we enjoyed that a lot! Thank you so much for playing our game, and your kind words! / Dev Daniel


Proof of concept? This feels like a finished short game, good job.

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Thank you! We're glad to hear that you still find the game finished, even though there is still so much to do. :) /  Dev Daniel